Men’s Activities – 3M

Join us at the campfire behind the church on Saturday @ 7:00 AM!
Men Mentoring Men (3M) is a way we can address one of the biggest problems in our society today – the breakdown of the family.  For too many years we, like most churches, have tried to have community impact by focusing on youth ministry, women’s Bible studies, and various community outreach events.  Yet we know that if God established the man as the head of the home, then we need look no further than the condition of the men in our community to see where we can have the greatest impact.
The purpose of Men Mentoring Men is to provide and environment where men can interact with and encourage one another regularly to be the men God wants us to be.  “As Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens another.” – Prov 27:17
We will begin our ministry doing some “core” training.  We need to establish some core values, based on God’s Word, of what a man of God is and what he looks like.  Simply stated, the  7 core values are as follows:
  1. A man of God loves God wholeheartedly.
  2. A man of God loves his wife sacrificially.
  3. A man of God loves his children unconditionally.
  4. A man of God loves his church generously.
  5. A man of God loves his neighbors equally.
  6. A man of God loves other men steadfastly.
  7. A man of God loves himself lastly.
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